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Martin Mac 250 service manuals


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I've just got hold of some mac 250 lights and they desperately need a service and some repairs done to them. Whilst we've got the skills to do this, the service manual would be really really handy. Does anyone have a copy of it that they could let me have (happy to pay if necessary)..


We've got the user manual but need to take this to the next stage.


Many thanks



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Not sure what else a service manual could tell you. Test each function before taking the lights to bits so you know what works and what doesn't. There's bound to be one or two burnt wiring looms in there as Mac 250s run a little bit hot. Damaged looms will almost certainly destroy the driver chips, but the chips are about £5 from RS. Don't just replace any dead chips you find, work out why they died first. Also be aware that pan and tilt use a different model of driver chip to every other function. Label both ends of each motor loom as you remove them. There should be a diagram on a sticker inside one of the yoke side covers to tell you which plug goes where. If pan and/or tilt seem to have very little torque in the motors I.e they might move a bit and then appear to lose steps, then the chips are fine but the current limiting resistors are shot. This is quite common on older Martin fixtures, and takes a bit of skill to solve. If you get stuck with anything just ask.


Edit: Whereabouts you are based? There might be a friendly tech nearby who could help you assess your lights and give you a few pointers

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Funny enough someone rung me earlier with the same problem... saying there MAC 300 was showing **** then 3 or 33 then reset but everything worked fine...


It's not anything I seen before and I've been working on these units for the last 7 years. Error messages wil flash on the screen after the unit has finished reseting.


Does the unit reset and work ok ?


It could be a firmware issue with the Display PCB, may be worth swapping displays with another fixture and see what happens.

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