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Sub £250 rack mount mixer


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soundcraft, behri, yamaha and peavey all have mixers that fit that price range.

go to the thomann web site, select analogue mixers (not rack mount), then from the left hand side select 19" compatible,

However, remember that those are the prices for mixers - the rack ears often cost extra.

they are all serviceable enough - behri stuff comes with a 3 year warranty but then if I recall correctly anything bought from thomann does.

if the fx are important - my recollection of the behri reverbs on these mixers is that they sound awful but then you are buying to a price - the soundcraft brags of lexicon reverbs - but I don't have first experience of their sound at this price point - their old folio mixers used to be fine though and I still use a peavey RQ series mixer for small bar gigs, bomb proof and reasonable.

that's as far as my thinking takes me.

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The reverb/fx was vastly improved on the Behringer mixers when they added the USB function. On older designs without USB they were horrible, now they are usable.


I stand corrected - and good to know both that my ears were not wrong in the first place and that they did something about it in the second place!

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