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Best way to Hang Moving heads ?


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Hi All

Been doing a couple of shows now that we have been hiring some moving heads Varilites 2500 and mac700s. up to now we have had them sitting on the stage floor but would like to hang them on Stage to try some new effects. Question is what is the best option to hang them on, We have a spare lighting bar hung on stage which is empty.Can you hang say 4 Varilites evenly spaced on a 8 meter long scaffold tube I suspect not ? Lighting Bar on Stage is 8 meters long and fixed in 3 places both ends and middle by Angle Iron so it is ridged. Lighting bars beside it have been load tested at the 3 fixings to 96kgs each fixing I know moving heads are supposed to be mounted on Square or Trianglular Truss but this would be expensive to buy and due to location Hire costs would be huge ! Could we use a Scaffold ladder Beam mounted where the existing Bar is so it would be more ridged ?


Grateful for any Advice



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