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Specialist Live Capture and Tuning Capture Training

Mark Payne

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Hi All


In the field I use WaveCapture's Tuning Capture for system time alignment and tuning.

See www.wavecapture.com


I am a fan of this approach as are specialists from "various" known speaker manufacturers who have OEM'd this product into their own branding.


Anyway... the point is ... I like it more than Smaart and it's cheaper (£255 + VAT for Tuning Capture). I am self taught and I would like to increase my own knowledge and understanding.


I can bring Dan Bavholm (creator of Wavecapture and co-founder of Lab.gruppen) over from Sweeden to teach a 2 day masterclass at SFL.

He is not cheap and I would need to cover his costs. If I can put 16 people in the classroom then I can make this look like £250 + VAT each for the two day session.


Anyone interested? I am sure we could do a discounted group buy deal on the software also to take the sting out of the £255 + VAT for the tool.


This is not a way of SFL making revenue here! I am wanting to do some self development and give opportunity to others along the way.

Please PM me or email me mark@sflgroup.co.uk

Comments and interest here welcome.

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