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Generator Hire Stoke on Trent


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We need to rent a 5KVA or higher Generator for an outside event in 2 weeks.


I only need it for 1 days and could do with Delivery & collection in STOKE ON TRENT.


Budget is £170 ish



Is this achievable and where would you recommend ?



Many Thanks



Matt Hill



If you offer this service yourself please PM me to chat

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For something that small you really can only consider the local "tool hire" places and spend the time drilling down their tech spec's to make sure you choose a set that's powerful and stable enough for your needs.


The proper generator hire world starts at something you'd tow behind a car and as a result your transport costs just on that alone is going to break the bank.

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Remember also that generators are the most likely item on a site to be STOLEN. The hire company expect their genset back or the full value paying to them.


It's well worth the cost of a person or two and s security plan to ensure that you still hold the genset for return to the hire company. If you can get the gen back at the end of your gig then there is less chance of losing it. If you leave a genset unattended it WILL walk

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