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Pearl desk light

mark quinney

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Most LED desklamps are a fixed part of the gooseneck. Any 3-pin gooseneck should work but remember that the Expert has a dimmer. Personally I wouldn't change it because of this. They also give a horrible little to no light IMO.


Fixed that for you ;) (Invoice is in the post!)

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As alluded to in the first reply, you generally cannot "change the bulb" in these LED goosenecks, it's a complete assembly.

Have you contacted Avo? They would be the first place I'd ask, being the console manufacturer and all... :)


Ummm, I am not sure if he means it's an LED lamp which has stopped working, or if he has a conventional lamp he wants to fit an LED bulb into.

On the Avo ones I've got which I think are Littlite, you slide off the cover/heatsink looking thing, then the bulb is a bayonet. Farnell/RS sell LED replacements for this type of filament lamp.

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