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Help finding 4:3 projector with 60% vertical lens shift


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I'd appreciate some help identifying a projector that can do the following:


$1,000 - $3,000 cost

4:3 native aspect ratio

1024 x 768 native resolution

VGA input

3000 - 5000 Lumens

LCD (cannot tolerate single chip DLP rainbow effect)


most importantly

60% or more vertical lens shift (either fixed or adjustable)


I've been to infoComm, but no one wants to talk 4:3 projectors, nor are they up to date on what they have in 4:3. Most inexpensive 4:3s shift to 50% vertical only.



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Thanks, there may not be a good answer. Had to exhaust my options before I said, we can't do exactly what you want for $3000 a projector. Panasonic's PT-EX500 is what I want--trying to find room for it in the budget.
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