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Any entertaining uses for old projector lenses?


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I've been clearing out a storeroom in our premises, and one of the things I stumbled across was a collection of about a dozen projector lenses. They have been removed from projectors that have had a long-throw lens fitted. So they are the standard lenses (roughly 2:1 ratio), the majority have come out of Hitachi CPX-605 or very similar models. Most are manual, there are a couple (possibly Mitsubishi) that have motorised zoom and focus but can still be adjusted manually if need be.


I figure there's not much market for these lenses' original purpose. We could in theory have people removing long throw projectors and needing a standard lens to get them back to more useful throw for portable use. But they will be few and far between.


I'm loathe to just throw them away - they represent quite a bit of money's worth. I was wondering if there was any alternative use they could be put to - some sort of wacky lo-fi lighting project or some similar "artistic" endeavour.


I'd be quite happy to put them on eBay at a 99p start, at least that way someone is getting some use out of them. But I can't imagine what search terms people would be entering to find them. "lens" brings up thousands of hits, "projector lens" is still over 1,000, mainly for old slide projectors.


If anyone has any suggestions, fire away!

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That's true, but the expensive lens is a short throw, and a quick glance at "Completed Listings" shows that it has been relisted multiple times.


I'm pretty certain the market for the standard lenses is limited, what I suppose I'm asking is "if you were looking for lenses for some kind of project, what would you search for on eBay?"


For example, if there's a particular artistic style or piece that could use them, I'd put that in the title so it shows up. But I'm clueless as to what (if any) alternative uses there might be.

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I did this once with projector lens from early generation triple lens Advent projector but it was about 120mm diameter. Tinfoil gobo with lightning forks + small strobe = effects projector or what about foil or card gobo plus camera flash = new photographic technique although Photoshop probably trumps that idea.


What else could you project?


Camera Obscura?



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you could use it in photography, but they are probably not so practical due to their size. you could make lamps with them, maybe even using the motorized parts.


I use old lenses quite a lot for these purposes. here's some thing I made to give you ideas of what you can do..


a spotlight made from a really big cookie tin:





a 1904 photo objective/shutter assembly I modified to fit my digital camera (involved adding and cutting a scavenged lens to make this possible):





I also made a tilt shift lens but don't have a picture of that (scavenged lens and some plumbing stuff)

and some other lamps that were built into scenery



oh and if you easily want to see focus distances just use a frosted piece of glass to see the projected image of somthing bright trough your lens. a tungsten bulb or maybe just what you can see through the window in daylight, depends on what you are trying to do.

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OT rhetorical question. Why does it show a picture of a guy disembowelling a sheep (might actually be a dog)? Would certainly keep me from raiding the cookies


Could be shearing.


"Hey, mate, are you shearing?"

"No I'm not - git your own!"

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shearing. it also had images of people harvesting and plowing :-)

this is what it was before:



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