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MagicQ Keyboard Flash Buttons


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Bit of a MagicQ question.


Does anybody know of a way to program a key on a regular keyboard as a flash button? i.e. hold it down - light stays on, let it go, light goes off

Best I seem to be able to do is either program it as a toggle, on/off or to trigger a timed cue using various macros.


It may simply be the case that chamsys don't allow this to be done without a wing.

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You could try using the 'playback keyboard shortcuts' this is done by:


Going to Setup > View Settings > Keypad Encoders > MagicQ PC Keyboard Mode : Playback shortcuts.


Your keyboard will then map to:




Playback shortcuts

F1 to F10 toggle playbacks 1 to10 on/off

1 to 0 select playbacks 1 to 10

Q to P GO button playbacks 1 to 10

A to ; STOP button playbacks 1 to 10

\ to . Swap to this playback on

` Add / Swap mode


# Manual STOP

[ Next page

] Prev page

- Release

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According to this, flash buttons from the PC Keyboard are not possible.


As an aside, can someone explain to me what the

 \ to . Swap to this playback on

buttons are intended to do? As far as I can tell with my setup, they simply mimic the test function of the F1 to F10 keys...





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Flash buttons should work using the above Playback Keyboard method. However at the moment the \ to . keyboard buttons will latch in the latest versions of software, its something we're working on a fix for.

(see page 181 of the MagicQ manual for diagrams of how the playback keyboard keys map)


Of course if you want want proper flash buttons you could always get a wing ;)






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If you're talking about Windows it would technically be possible to write a bit of software to hook the relevant keypress messages and 'modify' them so that MagicQ sees something that makes it act like a non-latching flash button. But that's less than recommended, and out of the comfort zone of even most people who are handy with code.
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Must admit I find it a bit surprising that a non latching flash button wasn't pretty close to the top of the list of requirements when the use case analysis was done.


Exactly and it most probably was however they've got to restrict some functionality to encourage users to buy their hardware.

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Any news on the non latching button?

I have build some macros and have assigned them on the keyboard of my computer.

With this macros I activate some execute buttons.

When I assign an execute button to be a "button fl" meaning it is a non latch flash it works well from the execute button page but when activate

it via macro than it does not work.

Any help or work around?

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