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JBL Control 1 Pro bracket ring


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I was just finishing up mounting the second speaker to its bracket and before it went tight enough to hold itself the tightening ring snapped/split. Its part 7 in the user guide.


I've just used the support web form on Jblpro to see if they will send me a ring without me having to demount and return both speakers.


Does anyone know where I could purchase this little part? (If JBL are not helpful fast). I'm in Bournemouth.


One of those days.


Thanks, Alan

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Hi Alan I have loads of these left over from the install of my now sadly closed pub.

Message me your details and I will put one in the post for you!

I presume you mean the round locking ring that tightens onto the ball mount but I can send you the whole thing if you wish.



Just had a look and I have a new unused whole bracket inc the plate, ball and mounting post and the round tightening ring!

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The old JBL bracket used to be a different design, JBL MTC-1A




I don't know if they are available any more but K&M make a compatible 24465 bracket. At £30/bracket though they are getting on for the price of the speakers.


For the last couple of budget distributed installations we've done I've used LD Systems Sat 42/62/82 as although they are cheaper boxes the bracket being integral does reduce the overall cost.

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Thomann do a mic stand bracket but I have been looking at these as a way to mount some speakers on mic stands for small PA work:




OK it would involve bolting it onto the speaker but it is a lower cost option as I have six speakers to do.

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I've found a far more reliable installation method that avoids the ring failure issue... Don't use the provided metal bar, use a strap wrench instead. This eliminates the localised stresses at the brass inserts. So much better. It's a shame JBL designed it this way, but it is OK with the right tools.
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