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Edinburgh Fringe Accommodation


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Hi everyone


I'm just wondering if anyone on here knows of any decent but cheap(ish) accommodation for the Fringe Festival relatively close to Teviot Row House? I'm working from 22 July until the beginning of September.


Many Thanks.

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Hi Sophie.


Not one I can answer directly but suffice to say, its not easy.


I don't know if you've been before but the Fringe is a massive event and there never seems to be enough accommodation in Edinburgh. All hotels, guest houses and hostels in the centre are usually booked well in advance and charge peak rates. Saying that, it looks like you are coming for week 3 which generally is a quieter week with companies that have performed during weeks 1 and 2 heading home - so there might be some deals to be had if you phone around a bit.


A few places to start.


1. Hostels - Edinburgh has many of these now and can offer some good rates.

2. The Venue - speak to the venue you are working at as they may have lists of accomodation.

3. Fringe website - EdFringe.com - Accomodation.


Also, are you coming to work for a venue or for a performing company? In both cases, it is common for the company to book up shared accomodation (e.g. flats) for their crew or performers. If you are working for one or the other then do ask if this might be available.


Anyway, hope this helps a little. Good luck in finding something and if you're stuck for anything technical while your here then let us know.



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You've left it a bit late. I was up there in 2011 an initially they put me in the most shonky and grotty place I have ever been in. Rotting carpet, curtain rails fallen down, HOLES in the walls! There are landlords up there that will properly try it on. And they should be reported to The Fringe I think. I complained and got moved. So do be careful and make sure you do have the option to move if needs be.

So if any of you have amassed a stash 'o' cash and are thinking of investing in property, you could do worse. They demand shockingly high rates, and get it too.

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