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sell me some kit!


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I need to buy 3 identical projectors - around 2K lumens, standard throw zoom lenses, 16x9 format image. the source is 3 sets of 720p movs played in Qlab through a digital Matrox TH2G.


lens shift would be great, but I know that option is usually only available on higher priced models.



projection is onto Rosco front screens that are 3.56m wide by 2m high, in theatres - so ambient light is minimal.



budget for projectors is around £700 each. I also need brackets that can clamp to a lighting grid.


I also need cases for the projectors - I could get lightweight aluminium cases from Maplin or similar, and pad them out to fit the projectors, but someone may have a better option that comes in on budget.


ideally I'd like to get hold of the kit by the end of June.


I know there's a few suppliers who are regulars on this forum, so I thought it might be an option to ask for quotes from you guys to supply the whole kit. we can discuss this on this thread, or via pm or email me at mail@dbini.com if you prefer.


thanks in advance,




my initial thoughts were for getting widescreen format units to eliminate any black spillage above and below the screens, but the screens will be floating anyway, so its not too much of an issue, and I guess I can use the extra screen real estate of a 4:3 projector as a kind of vertical lens shift within Qlab. any ideas?



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