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Easyjob 5- configuring invoices

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Does anybody use Easyjob 4/5 and if so how do you format an invoice & delivery note?


Each time I print an invoice it has the wrong currency, no company details and text is overprinted on to other parts of the invoice.


I have set the specifics in the settings but this seems to have no effect.


Any help or advice would be gratefully received.



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And once you find the editor, you'll have a whole world of fun :-)


One little trick that I was only made aware of recently, is that if you select a project, then select the report you want to edit the light the print dialogue, but instead of selecting print, you select the edit button, the data from the project will be in the report editor. If you just go directly to the report editor, then there is usually a random job populating the fields.



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