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Fat Frog losing its mind...


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Thanks for the advice on my short thread on the Zero88 site. Just talked to the venue. they are hiring LEDS and movers from me and there are 20 fixtures so I have leant my Leapfrog. Interestingly mine is maybe seven years old and the venues one maybe ten years old and neither has had a battery change! The venues is powered up probably at least once a week so maybe it has enough residual power to maintain memory. Mine might be stored away for months on end hence it has failed first!


To save the aggro of working out which screws to undo and then put it back together again, can someone point me in the direction of where the battery is postioned. I assume it is in the back area nearer the sockets . At work now but I want to be as preapared as possible when going to do the replacement!

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(Old thread, updating for general reference).


I had to swap the battery in my Fat Frog this week. If you ever see the time/date badly wrong then replace the battery ASAP. If you need to do this:


- face the back of the desk towards you, right way up.

- remove 2 screws only - one per side. There are 3 screws per side in the raised part of the grey side metal, the one to remove is the lowest of the 3.


Whilst you're doing this, support the underside of the desk - the black metalwork - as if will drop down when you take the screws out.


CR2032 battery is on the left of the motherboard, flick it out with a flat blade screwdriver and pop a new one in.


When you reboot the first time, the monitor will show a "Battery failed" message and "ID1 invalid, ID2 invalid". Subsequent reboots you should not get these messages.



If you have an early version Frog/Fat Frog then you might have a different motherboard, in which case it's a harder job as there is a memcap to replace, requiring soldering - better to contact Zero88 (or say Ian Knight at CTS in Birmingham).



Leap, Bull and Mambo Frogs always have the CR2032 motherboard.

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