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Technical Managers vs Stage Managers

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Obviously I'm asking for trouble by posting this on a technical rather than stage management forum...


In your opinion, what is the role of the technical manager, and what is the role of the stage manager? And does the role of Technical Stage Manager exist?


This info is for a research project I'm doing. Obviously everyone has different opinions of this, so it'd be useful if you stated the area of work you're in/place of employment etc.


Also, if anyone would be willing to discuss this with me in more detail, could you let me know. :o


Thanking y'all in advance..



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As I see it ...


Stage Manager : responsible for stage management (obviously!), probably encompassing the overall running of the performance and overseeing the other members of the SM team. Would normally report to a Company Manager. On smaller-scale shows, the two roles might be combined as a CSM.


Technical Manager : usually a building-based post, responsible for the provision of technical services within a theatre building. The person who a chief LX and a master carpenter would normally report to.


Technical SM : could well be viewed as another name for the master carpenter - probably the person in a larger building or on a tour who oversees the building of the set and the running of the stage crew (as distinct from stage management) for the performances.


At the end of the day there are no hard-and-fast rules regarding job titles and responsibilities in the theatre world.

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My take on this is:


Technical manager

Venue based employed by the theatre possibly a perm. full time job.


Stage manager

Production based - employed on a show run basis. Job as long as the show. Looks after production stage management and crew.


Technical Stage manager

Production company based, might work on more than one show at a time.

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