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mic clamp for stand/ speaker or lighting pole


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anyone know of a CHEAP mic clamp that will reliably hold a mic clip and clamp to the following:

1. the upright/boom pole of a mic stand to mic a washboard strapped to the singer and other miscellanea

2. the upright of a lighting tripod for the same purpose.

it's not worth spending more than another tenner or so on but it would help cut down the stands on stage for a particular skiffle 8 person band I work with

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I have used these to clamp to hi hat stands and am fairly sure it would fit on a lighting stand and mic stand. http://www.thomann.de/gb/km_237_sw.htm


You could also get an lp mic claw but I don't think it will clamp on something as thick as the lighting stand, and it's also more expensive. http://www.thomann.de/gb/lp_592an_the_claw.htm


Or it would probably be easier to use a short mic stand.

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