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T K Maxx bargain torches.


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T K Maxx had some torches on its shelves locally that were pretty competent looking head torches with a separate battery pack. I bought one and it didn't work. I popped it open hoping it would be an easy fix and it was clear that both the control chips were dead. (probably custom programmed microcontrollers.) For both to be dead they had either not been programmed or a major polarity issue had occurred. Not easily fixed, so I took it back to the shop to exchange it for one that hopefully worked. None left on the shelf so got refund.


Tried the other branch and they had a few. First one had obviously been returned as there was a hole where the security tag had previously been attached. Chose another and when I got to checkout I asked if I could try it with the included batteries first. They said no. I had to buy it before trying it. I duly bought it and then tried it there and then at the till. It was dead too (not a battery issue). I got a refund again.


Just thought I'd give you guys a heads up as to these high spec but dead torches.


They're Primus Primelite torches in oval packaging.

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