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DTS Jack


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Evening all :) Long time lurker finally popping up to post


Has anyone got experience with the DTS Jack, We're seriously considering them as a purchase soon. Just wondering if anyone can give me an impression of what they're like to work with

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I've only seen them at trade shows etc - I did look to hire a few in Autumn last year and there was only one in the country at the time - a demo one owned by the manufacturer.


Best bet would be contacting your local DTS dealer and asking them, they might be able to bring one to you to try out in your own space ?

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Hello Teddy,


I had a couple on demo from DTS/Light factor before christmas on a show. As we was looking to place an order for 8.


They are a nice little unit. Reasonably Bright/Good iris control/ Really multipurpose as its a spot ,beam and wash.


Bad points... they are really noisy I had a rig of Robe DLX's with all six on the one jack spot would still be louder. The gobo wheel/colour wheel is not great for theatre if you are using them for theatre.( But they are gobos changable).


Price wise... very tempting.


But I would highly recommend the Robe DLX. For an LED it was kicking more light out than other 1200w Moving heads in the rig. Contact Robe Uk Tel: 01604 741000 to arrange a demo.

Read my review on them here My link


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Cheers Guys


Feeding this back to the others for a Joint Decision, gonna try and get one or two to have a play with and see.

Luke, have had a play with a Robe DLX before, really liked it, but I think the versatility of the Jack is more important for us. We don't do theatre stuff, we're mainly live production and corporate so a multipurpose spot beam and wash is an ideal fixture

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