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Replacement lampholders for Ianiro Blonde 1610

Alex Blackmore

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Hello there!



I was just wondering if anybody knew where I could find RX7s lamp holders that would fit the Ianiro Blonde 1610 (see here: http://www.ianiro.com/blonde-asp.php)


I own a couple of these and recently just bought a new one to repair and, while thus far everything's gone smoothly and I've restored it rather neatly, I'm having trouble finding somewhere that can supply replacement lampholders. I used to buy them from a local dealer but they've regrettably closed due to the economic downturn and I've searched Google to no-avail (while there are a few that look like they may fit not enough detail is given and I receive no response to my e-mail queries).


On a secondary note, although less essential currently, I was wondering if anyone may have some Strand Prelude barndoors knocking around that they may be convinced to part with? I note that someone requested similar a few years back (http://www.blue-room...showtopic=37486) but I can't see any available from the sources listed there. I've shot off an e-mail to usedlighting.co.uk and hopefully await a response, but if anyone here has any they'd be willing to part with that would be great. I'm in need of 4, so the more the merrier!


Thanks for your time!


Kind Regards,




PS: apologies if I've committed any forum faux pas!

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From memory strand quartet barndoors fit Preludes fine too.


I had heard that, usedlighting.co.uk have a couple of Quartet barndoors, but the listing on the website says 'only for sale with Quartet light' or something along those lines. Nice to have confirmation from another source that the Quartet doors are interchangeable with Preludes though!


Oh additionally if someone could point me in the direction of some IEC C15A cables I'd be greatly appreciative. Incredibly hard to source these days.


Scratch my last comment, managed to find out that CPC sell C15A cables (though a google search only turns them up in an image search). For those interested: http://cpc.farnell.com/jsp/level5/module.jsp?moduleId=cpc/614481.xml

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You could try the Strand Quartzcolor equivalent . Quartzcolor lanterns and spares should are now available from Cosmolight SRL who purchased the Quartzcolor business. www.cosmolight.it.

Their UK distributer is A.C. ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGIES LTD. The part number for the Quartzcolor Blonde lampbases is 208/1.


I have 3 x Quartet Barndoors (AUS$100 each) and 4 x Quartet Iris (AUS$100 each) available for sale here in Australia is you are interested. Postage/freight would be extra.






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