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Titan MID?


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I should be able to help. I wrote some explanations in the release notes:


Cue List - Move in Dark:


Comprehensive Move in Dark (MID) functions are now available for Cue Lists. These can be set for the whole cue list and overridden in idividual cues. The global options are:


[Disabled] prevents all MID functions for the particular cuelist regardless of individual cue settings.

[Early] will attempt a move as soon as possible unless overridden in an individual cue.

[Late] will move as late as possible unless overridden in a cue.

[Off] turns off move in dark unless specified in individual cues.



The cue options are:


[Global] will use the cue list global MID setting. (Default)

[Cue Number] specifies a cue that you would prefer the MID to occur.

[Cue Offset] sets a preferred number of cues in advance.

[Disabled] turns off move in dark for this cue.

[Early] will move as early as possible.

[Late] will move as late as possible.



For each cue you can set a Move in Dark Delay and Move in Dark Fade time. Each cue also has a MID inhibit switch. When turned on a MID can never occur during that cue. In all cases if the specified cue is inhibited from MID or if any fixtures are live on stage in the cue then it will attempt the MID in the nearest suitable cue instead.


Does that make it any clearer? If not let me know where you are stuck.

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Thanks niclights


I had read the release notes but still was having trouble with it.


I set up a basic cue stack with a few movers in the to play with the MID and tracking controls. the cues were as follows


1- 1/2 lights on

2- all change colour

3- other 1/2 lights on

4- empty cue set to block tracking

5- all tilt down

6- all on

7- change colour

8- all B/O

9- all on in new position


Then I set cue 9 to MID 'early' expecting them to move to the new position in cue 8 but they moved to the cue 9 position in cue 4 despite having position data saved in cue 5?


I tried the other MID modes but none of them appeared to achieve a move in cue 8.


Having thought about it a bit more while I've been away from it could this in any way relate to the timings or the recording mode? Does it perhaps have to be recorded in fixture mode for it to work properly?

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Timing and record mode are not important.


What happens when you fire cue 5? Do they then move live to the tilt position or does nothing happen? If they move live then something is wrong. If they don't move then I would be checking that cue to see if it definitely has the tilt position recorded.

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This is possibly a long-shot, but could it be that MIB is turned off in cue 5? So the desk is seeing an 'early MIB' for cue 9, and so rightly moving them in cue 4 as it's not seeing any other MIB cues that need to be executed first...


That was badly explained, I know, but hopefully you get what I mean! Or as Niclights said, check to see if any position data is recorded into cue 5! :)

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