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Windows 8 video playback controls


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A simple question,

I'm sure you've all used Windows Media Player and learned all the controls keyboard shortcuts etc... sadly I have too.


Windows 8 is totally different - please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm still learning Windows 8 and it's reduced me to a total amateur... I can't find simple things like loop!

I'm using the default Xbox player software that windows 8 uses if you double click a video file... I want to learn how to control my video playback... any help?


Please don't suggest VLC etc I have this and others and love them all much more... but this is about advising customers, over the fone, who dry hire laptops from us!


any help would be appreciated...


many thanks



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You can still use Windows Media Player itself within Windows 8, thankfully you don't have to use the (frankly awful) 'Video' app as they've ported the proper WMP over to Windows 8 officially. In some regions it's available by default in others you need to install this update pack:




For the most part they've actually removed a lot of functionality in the 'Video' app in order to simplify it for the average user. Among those simplifications, as far as I'm aware, they removed the vast majority of keyboard shortcuts.

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