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strand 200 series replacement


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Hi, just after a bit of advise... In my school I use a somewhat ancient Strand 200 desk, this has always been reliable and easy to use, but has now developed a loose power connector....

Could someone suggest a (cheepish) replacement with similar functionality, or advise on how big a job repair or replacement of the power input connector / board may be...


Thanks in advance!

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The power connector being loose isn't uncommon on 200's - very often it's a broken dry joint on the power connector on the "Power In" PCB.


The biggest pain is taking off all the trim to get to the screws that hold the front cover on - the resolder is only about 30 seconds of work! If you feel confident removing screws and soldering yourself - it will take about an hour in total (careful with the screw heads - they "chew" easily) or get it to a dealer/technician who you trust to do repairs. If all else fails - you could send it to us - PM me for details about costs etc.

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