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frnds I want to purchase led wall,and I dont know which make led should it be or supply,receving card or sending card or processor,in india ppl mostly buy chinese led walls and give on rent which is abt 450 dollars per day for 7.62mm wht thy say..(no body meaures or no body knows abt specification)..and in my city thre r only two ppl who give on rent ..and ialso want to go in this buiss. in delhi there r many suppliers who import these walls frm china and sell here at 13700/- dollars ..size of wall is 10 feet in height and 15 feet in width...so frnd help me wht should I see when buying a led wall or which companys led wall should I buy,my budget is 15000/- dollars per wall I want to buy minimum 3 walls.
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