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multiple projection


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I recently used my numark nuvj at a venue and the clients loved the visual mixing I was able to create and they have asked a question to which I cannot answer,

they currently have 5 projectors set along a 60M wall run from a VGA spliter so they all show the same image, what they would like is to send 5 different video's to the projectors so each projector had a different image but for these to be run from 1 control unit e.g. computer with 6x video output.

does anyone know of a software that would run on windows that could achieve this or a hardware unit that could?

before the question gets asked, my budget is unknown just more of a research at the moment on if it can be done then can discuss a price

thank you you all for your advise and knowledge

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We do quite a lot of this, most recently an arts show

using both ways described below.

The 1st way involves high rez custom graphics at

5x vga or at least HD scaled up.

The second used standard dvd vob files


Would it be 5 different images or 1 image across

all 5 projectors to make 1 huge image?


There are number of software packages for windows

inc. resolume and grandvj the later has soft-edging

important to make the projectors work together as 1.

You will need a powerful computer with good cpu,

graphic cards and fast drives to serv 5 projectors

we use an 8 core macpro.



If it's 5 comletely different movies then you can use

an mpeg2 video server, we have several. You just make

dvd's and copy the vob files to the server.


Out of interest, what projectors are you using? as 60m

is huge, with 5 projectors each one is a 12m wide image


we have some pics on our website below

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