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Outdoor speaker enclosure design?


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Hi Blueroomers


The Christmas charity float is struggling to the end of the fundraising season again, but with the amount of rain and wind we have had this year, the speakers are really struggling to survive. Budget is limited as always, and even scotchguarding cones will not be enough, so I am considering building some custom cabinets where the drivers are totally protected and output ported - but before I start on this for next year, I thought others may have had to do this before.


Owing to the power demanded now, 2 way 12" + HF compression drivers have been used - as we need 2 x 250W RMS min.


As the cabinets are permanently fixed to the trailer, they have to cope with being driven at 50mph(+?) between events - hence driving rain and as operated by many different volunteers it has to be idiot proof, and temporary rain covers just won't get put on.


So any advice / designs / previous experience of outdoor, full range, powerful low impedance speakers that could be suitable would be appreciated


Many thanks

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I'm not sure if it helps, but my venue have loads of Tannoy Di8 series - and have been outside in gale force winds, in full rain and sea spray for quite a while now. None have failed, and although the most exposed ones have rust seeping through the grills, they all carry on performing. They're a bit light in the bass, of course being 8" drivers, but you could always hide some subs anywhere. They handle up to 90W - so you could dot a few of these around the float and get the levels you want. I've no hesitation at all for recommending these - Tannoy are an old favourite of mine, and these small ones sound good to my ears.
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