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Buying my own headset


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I'm currently working as a freelance ASM/DSM and have done a bit of touring, often on one/two-nighters, and am thinking of buying my own comms headset. I saw this BR thread about headsets, and like the look of the Telex PH88 mentioned.


My main question is, I note that the PH88 can be supplied with a variety of connectors :

PH-88: XLR 4-pin Female

PH-88E: XLR 4-pin Female coiled cord

PH-88ER: XLR 4-pin Male coiled cord

PH-88IC3: Dual 3.5mm

PH-88R: XLR 4-pin Male

PH-88R5: XLR 5-pin Male

PH-8S: 3.5mm 4-conductor


I think the standard Canford belt pack that most theatres in the UK have would take a 4-pin female XLR, but can I buy a convertor that would allow me to use the same headset in other beltpacks/systems, eg Clearcom HME DX200, which according to their tech spec has a mini-DIN connector ?


I know I'm unlikely to be able to use the same headset in the Motorola-type 2-way radios that some places have.


Many thanks

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You can make a bunch of adaptors (or get somebody who can to do for you) so you can cope with anything - even the radio interface can be done if you really want it, with perhaps an extra cable that has a PTT button on it. If you buy them, you will spend a lot because accessories are a great extra margin area for retailers.
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I generally ask a friendly Sound Systems Tech to make an adapter up for me if I come across a system that I've not plugged into before. They'll usually knock one up in moments for a pint or three by return! ;)
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