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Well Ukslc.org Finally has some great news !!


We now have the support of some major manufacturers and we are now getting kit for reviewing purposes.


Since Ukslc.org has always focused on being a community driven site we are looking for people to recieve this equipment and write reviews on it.


You would most likely recieve the kit for about a week during which you would be expected to write a full review on it. There would be no limitations to using the kit but all damages would have to be paid for.


We are looking for a team of about 10-15 people who would be able to spare time to write reviews.

The amount of kit we are recieving at the moment is sparse but we are looking for future reviewers who would be willing to write in-depth reviews on the kit recieved.


There would be no financial re-ward for your time and effort but you would get to try out and experiment with the very latest in sound and lighting technology.


Unfortunatly we are not looking for people outside of the Uk at the moment.


If you are interested please send an email to the following address : reviewers@ukslc.org


Please set the email out as follows.

Location :


Area Of Expertise :


Amount Of Years Experiance :


Current Sound / Lighting Related Job If Any :


A Paragraph or 2 explaining why would would like to join the Ukslc.org Reviewers Team


We will be compiling the final list of reviewers within the next few days so please get your submissions in quick as the number of places are limited.





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