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Strand fixture library


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We have just bought some Stairville RGBW Par64's (all we could afford) and want to drive them from a Strand Light Palette. I can use the generic RGBW fixture but would like to control strobe and intensity. Anyone know how to write a new fixture for the palette?



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You can't make your own as far as I know.


Another retrograde step by Strand (or Phillips, or Selecon, or whatever they're called these days), then. Making your own fixture definitions in GeniusPro may not have been particularly intuitive for someone doing it for the first time, but at least it was possible - and knocking something together for a simple LED par would've been the work of 10 minutes. ETC, good as they are at keeping on top of adding new fixtures to the Eos/Gio/Ion library, have still incorporated the facility to create your own fixture personality for when you need to drive that unusual piece of kit which isn't in the library and you don't have the time to wait for Carallon to add it to the ETC library.

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