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Jester 12/24 as a backup to fat frog


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Hey All...

Just wondering if anyone has had any luck using the Jester 12/24 as a backup to the older fat frog desk....I know it's possible using the zero 88 jester tlxtra and 12/24 as an extra fader wing etc, but in theory the 12/24 can also be used as a show backup by 'taking a snapshot of DMX 512' to this desk....

Is it possible to use with the older fat frog too?

This is only because the fat frog we've managed to steal (borrow) is a little bit suspect, and a backup would be awesome!



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I seem to remember being told by a Zero88 rep that the Jester took a snapshot of the complete DMX universe, not just the channels that it is able to handle itself.


So in theory this means that you could store a bunch of states, including all 48 generic channels and have fixtures doing stuff too.


The big problem, of course, is that you are only storing static scenes so you won't have any movement from intelligent lights etc. But as a backup whilst you reboot the Frog, or limp through the rest of the night when it dies, I'd say it's a pretty good option.


The easiest thing to do is set it up sometime and give it a try - preferably before you are in a wild panic with a failed desk!

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Thanks guys!

I thought it was possible to take a snapshot having read the jester 12/24 manual but was wondering if anyone else had already done it!

I'm not too worried about losing intelligent fixture attributes/ recordings.....

Just about to go practice now and see!

Thanks again :)

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Worth mentioning that what it doesn't state in the manual is that only the 24 channels patched on the desk fade - anything plotted in scenes via the DMX input snaps to value - so not a great linebacker other than in emergency situations.

I have used a Jester 12/24 as a backup for an Orb desk and I managed to get fades or snaps as appropriate. Setting the fade times was just the same as when recording normal cues on the Jester.

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