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lemaitre hazre


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hay all we have a lemite hazer here and for what ever reason it is not put out haze it seem to just pour the haze fluid out the rod for have I thought may be the heating rod might be going I it but that seems to be working so I don't now what I might be hope to hear from you soon

thanks monkey

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is the heat coil 100% working, does it get hot?? you can check by putting the back off your finger on the insulated part of the coil. (competant users only).


have you also checked that the pump isnt pumping to much, and therefore the fuild passes through before it gets the chance to be heated fully.


Also check that the air compresser is working correctly, you can check this by un plugging the air line from the fluid line, and placing a finger over the end of the air pipe, you will feel the air, or a sucking.


Other than that its a deeper fault and should be refered to Le Maitre.




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