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A question about a FROG


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I find editing and using the stack, without a numeric keypad, a right PITA.

There is no way to use standard theatre syntax when referring to the intensities of channels. You control the intensities primarily using the 24/48 fader bank about the submasters and playback x. When editing a cue, it is possible to enter the level (on the external keyboard) and hit ENTER to set the channel to that level. To select the channel you wish to edit, press the flash button under that channel (ensuring first of all that you are on the correct flash bank, of course).


Once again this is a situation where reading the documentation provided with equipment would've given you the answer you required. The Frog manual is extremely well written and easy to follow. I suggest you log onto the Zero88 website and download the manual.


Edit: <Pedant> You wouldn't ever refer to channel 50 on a Frog, as the Frog only has 48 channels. If you wanted channel 50, you'd have to upgrade to a Bullfrog.</Pedant>

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