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GG MicroSet 20S Desk


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GG being Green Ginger


you are very unlikely to find anything on this desk on the web since Green Ginger disappeared before the web happened.


:( This just might be your lucky day! Somewhere I have a great pile of GG sales literature. I shall have a look and see what I can find. Not likely to be today as I'm quite busy but if someone reminds me I will get round to it. :(



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Thanks GasPipe58,


Does anyone know anything about the desk from the top of there head, Just a ruff idea?




I don't recall a microset 20, but I used to use a microset 30 which was a 30 channel 3 preset, 3 group manual analogue desk, bought brand new in 1978. Very easy to use, & very small & lightweight in comparison to most similar desks about at the time. Its nearest equivalent would probably be a Strand SP or Threeset.

You may well find that it has more output connectors than you might expect - this is because, whilst nowadays everything outputs to 6 channels per connector, back then the Green Ginger racks were only 4 channel per connector as they were only 4 channel racks. We had 6 of them!

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I have a Green Ginger Microset 20S desk, all nicely flightcased, in hire stock. Originally it belonged to White Light. What would you like to know about it? It normally goes out with a flightcased original Green Ginger touring rack (18 x 2Kw + 2 x 5Kw) and both are still well used and both have proved to be very reliable. If you reply or PM me I will be as helpful as I can. All the best,
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