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i need help


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I need help with the lc2412 I dont no how to program a chase.the book is bad.can you guys help me out :(


No probs. Assuming you haven't got the programming lock on, do the following:

- [optional] select LIVE mode so that you can see the output on the stage as you program

- press the CHASE button

- using the wheel, select the CHASE number that you wish to program

- press the buttons under LEVEL (SOFT A) or MEMORY (SOFT B) depending on what sort of CHASE you want (ie one created using individual channels or one created using memories)

- assuming you have selected LEVEL, the display should now read STEP: 01 with ENTER and DELETE beneath it.

- set up the sliders on preset A for STEP 1 - once you are happy press ENTER (SOFT A).

- repeat for each STEP in your CHASE

- to exit and store your CHASE press QUIT


You should now have a programmed CHASE :(


Let me know how you get on




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