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hi there, have been looking over the internet for some cheap par cans and then came across these. tomas pars (raylights)


whats the difference between these and normal par 64's say? as I have never heard this term before!!


cheers, minimac :D

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With a raylight the parcan lamp is replaced with a simple reflector and a standard theatre lamp (in the axis of the reflector) There is no lens.


This way you get a lighter can with a cheeper replacement lamp cost that produces more of a circular beam than conventional CP62 par lamps.


However since there is no lens the beam normaly has a harsh "hotspot" which can burn out saturated gels quickly and can be a little uneaven for theatre but they are very good for dramatic beams in a rock n roll gig enviroment.


Of my cans about 75% are raylights mainly beccause of cost, weight and circular beams.



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The difference is the lamp/reflectors each type uses.


PAR64 uses a sealed beam lamp (CP62 for example) whereas a raylight is fitted with a reflector and typically A1/244 500w lamp. The beam angle of a raylight is very narrow. Useful for punching through haze and smoke for effect lighting but not very handy for general lighting.


Lamps cost a few quid for the A1/244 compared to a CP82.

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Topic: GKV Retrofit to Par64


where I once worked we had quite a few of these, and we too called them ray lights, basically a reflector fitted in a P64 can with a 500W bubble as for which I am unsure, but I am sure it was a standard gy9.5 base. they kinda produced a medium flood effect not very tightly focussed, but we used them for band lighting at the time and they where fine, I don't ever remember replacing lamps that frequently in them they where just another piece of kit and the bubbles where cheaper than par 64 lamps


Basically a reflector that fits a PAR64 but takes a bulb of the sort that you use in a fresnel... cheaper bulbs, aparrantly, and longer life.




EDIT> Pardon me, beat to it..

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