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Pearl River Orland Followspot


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I've got to buy two followspots. The snag is that they MUST be able to be operated from the rear, so all the conventional ones won't be any good, as side operation is the only method impossible for this install.


I've seen the Orland mentioned. I'm not worried about buying a chinese import - I've had some of their other movers and they've been fine.


It seems to be a GoldenScan 'copy' with a DMX control panel at the rear.


I'll have to get them before ABTT and PLASA so probably won't be able to actually try them out.


Any comments?

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you may wanna ask the lampies in the lighting threads, (although you may have done that too).


These are Soundie Threads, so I'm not sure how many of us know about Followspots.


I could be wrong, but that's just my thoughts



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Sounds like a Chinese rip-off of a Clay Paky Shadow. I've used one of these a while back - they were ok once you got used to them, but the control panel used to bug me...if the fader had been vertical and on one side it would have been much easier to use.


Also, being electronic, obviously there's more to go wrong and I'm not sure they have the "finesse" of a real manual one. The colours were all a bit vivid, too, but you could purchase extra dichroics to defeat that.


They were also super-long - but I guess that doesn't bother you.


On the bright side, once you had a comfy chair (mine was a converted car seat, as I recall) they were comfortable to use for very long periods. (Including a memorable Doddy show.)


Then you have the moral dilemma of buying Chinese knock-off of other people's R&D. :** laughs out loud **:

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Terralec (www.terralec.com) I have just remembered sell something like that… it is completely controlled from the back… colours… iris… colour correction… and strobe… I presume also dimming… and if not then this can be controlled by a dimmer… I would hope… unless discharge… then I would hope it has a dimmer card… which is remote controlled from the back…


Edit: It is code FOLL1200 and is discharge… but it doesn’t have much details about it on the site but the control board at the back is 4 channel… so I presume the channels are colour, iris/strobe, dimming card, colour correction. Or colour/colour correction, iris, strobe, dimming card…. I don’t know… the spot also comes with a study flight (they say!!!) case included in the price but a stand is extra… how much extra I don’t know… contact Terralec to find out more… if you do tell us what they say about it as they never put enough info on the site… They haven’t even told us who makes it… a bit worrying if you’re going to spend £1592.00


Edit 2:Also just read it again it says I can be controlled remotely by a DMX desk… fair enough the inbuilt panel a DMX one so this is easily done but what is the point… I very much doubt the light has motors for pan and tilt and then you might as well buy a moving light… this just seems a bit pointless for them to advertise this as feature as surely the point of a follow spot is to have someone operating it and it is better for the opp to have the controls (of colour and lamp) rather than the desk opp as they know where it is pointing so can judge whether it is ok for the spot to be brought up… :** laughs out loud **:


(Sorry for two posts in a row... admin)


Moderation: Two posts combined into one. Please edit rather than posting a second post, if your post is still the last in the topic.

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Thanks for moving my post to the right place. Trouble is I only ever 'View new posts' so never actually notice which list they're from.Probably was reading a sound one when I hit the new post button. Plonker!


I guess the shadow is where the idea came from, certainly looks like a goldenscan with missing mirror assembly. I'll have a look at the terralec site in a mo.

cheers al


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Well - the two Orlands finally arrived on a very slow boat frorm China, in two enormous coffins - with handles that are the same as on the units, so we have 8 spares!


Beam quality is excellent - very, very, similar to the Clay Paky in every way, but with an extra vent. They are rather noisy, but Golden scans were never the quietest fixture around. The stepper motors are also a bit loud, but quite acceptable.


The only annoying thing is we got these (see original post) to suit a left handed op who had trouble operating from the side, and the buggers left!

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