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help trying to identify a specific type of laser


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Hi all


just joined blueroom forums and wanted to say a quick hello to all. Anyways I have been asked to find a laser to buy for a job in the very near future

and I was wonder if maybe you guys could help me identify the make of it. I have looked on the internet and spoke to a few supplyers but to no prevail.

here is a link below to show you the type I am after, many thanks for looking


My link

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Hi Greg


Welcome to Blue Room, if you fill in your profile with a location I'm sure someone can give you the name of a company near by that can help you out.

Are you looking to hire or buy?





ps it's specific not pacific :)


edited: for spellings!

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Looks like a set of 3 fairly generic RGB rigs to me, hell even blue only, but I bet RGB (you can see a little green in there).


Do talk to your chosen laser company about the risk assessment needed for this gag as the act will have to be briefed to not turn into the lasers field of fire (eye hazard, given the close range and fairly high power that is clearly in use). Also those three will be controlled using a proper laser desk (not DMX) in all probability, three RGB lasers in the several hundred mW class with decent scanning hardware and scan fail interlocks and probably something from Pangolin as a control system seems likely.


Any of the usual suppliers will quote for this one I would have thought, Rob at stanwax laser or Clive at laser electronics would both be worth talking to depending on exactly what you need and what you have to spend.


Our usual advice for laser related questions is to take them to the Photonlexicon forum as that is where the display laser expertise hangs out, and they will be able to give better advice then we can (There is a decent chance that the person who ran the lasers for that show will be there).


Regards, Dan.

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Looks to me like 4 x 4W blue lasers, all the other colours look like they are coming from small moving heads of some sort, not lasers judging by the beam divergence. Not easy to be sure from one video though...Blue lasers have plummeted in price recently, once someone figured out how to 'harvest' the 445nm diodes from Casio video projectors...a typical 4W device will use 4 such diodes, with clever optics to combine the beams.

As always, for more info on everything laser, go to http://www.photonlexicon.com/forums/forum.php as Dan said.

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