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Si Compact - route or patch bus aux to main LR as submix groups


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Soundcraft Si Compact - route or patch bus aux to main LR as submix groups


Hi Guys,

This is something I couldn't find in the Si Compact manual or by searching the web. It baffled me trying to work out how to use the post fade busses as groups. There just wasn't the option in the menu touch screen for the routing. So I emailed their tech support and here is the answer:


"OK, this is how you do it:

Select a post fade bus. On the ACS (assignable channel strip) select LR patching in the OUT section. On the channels you want for that group push the faders up to 0.

Press the post fade bus button again to get back to the input channel fader layer and select the first channel you want sent to the group. On the ACS strip deselect LR routing. Repeat for the rest of the Group channels. Your group should now be set up to route to the LR mix. The other channels should still route to LR."


Cheers Richard.



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