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Installed, in ceiling speakers


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Hi folks,


I am looking for some assistance in choosing the placement and number of speakers for in ceiling 100/70volt line systems.


Does anyone know of a formula one can use to work out how many speakers should be used in a particular space, taking into consideration the dispersion of the speaker, square meter-age of the room and height of the ceiling?


I understand that there are a ton of variable factors to take into consideration, I am looking for a formula to give a nice starting foundation for designing these systems.

Also, if anyone knows of software that could be used for this application, feel free to share. I know of JBL's Ceiling Speaker Configurator 2.1, but I wont allways be working with JBL speakers.


Many thanks.

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If you know you will not always be using JBL then presumably you know which makes of speaker you may be using. I would contact all the manufacturers and sak them for their calculators and as much info as they have on coverage. It should be easy enough to use ExCel to build a small database of specific comparators for your own use.


There are software design packages available and the manufacturers might just let you know which they themselves use to design the systems.

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Personally when doing this, I'd take a rough copy of the plan of the space, then work out the area each speaker would cover taking into account its dispersion and the height from ceiling to ear height, not the overall height of the ceiling. Then, draw circles on the plan (or ellipses depending on the speaker) to achieve a decent coverage around the space.


A one-size-fits-all formula, while possible, is not really practical due to the various shapes of rooms. I do believe what you're looking for exists though.

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