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Robe Spot 150 XT's


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Hey Guys,

I have been looking around for a couple of months for some moving heads to add to our light show. I had my mind set on the Stairville MH-X25 LED Spots from thomann, but yesterday, while exploring the deepest depths of the internet I came across an eBay seller selling a pair of Robe Spot 150 XT's for £400. I have checked him out and it all seems legit. I was just wondering if anyone has experience using the 150 XT's, and could advise me as to weather this is a good deal, how easy they are to program (we have magicQ PC full), how much lamps are, how long they last etc. The seller also has a pair of Martin MiniMAC's for £435, would you consider these fixtures to be better than the robes?


Thanks In Advance,


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I'm not sure about the 150XT but I have a 160XT, and it's very good (considering I got it off fleabay for £180!). It's nice and bright (for a 150w fixture IMHO), and the optics are nice and clear, the movement is relatively smooth, and the colouring on it is lovely (nice and saturated, 'deep' colours).



The only downside is the dimmer, which is a single blade dimmer, so you get more of a wipe than a dimming effect, but it's not a massive deal for what I use it for.

I'm not sure if the 150XT has the rotating gobo wheel, but if it does, make sure it is lubricated otherwise it makes a horrible hissing sound which isn't exactly desirable!

Regarding lamp life, to be honest I don't actually know as mine isn't used that much so I haven't had to change the lamp yet. All I know is that the Phillips replacement lamp is around £40...


On the control side, it's as easy/hard as any other fixture! The only thing I don't like (and is on my giant list of things to do) is that on the dimmer channel, the first 40% is dimming from 0-100%, and then from there its different kinds of strobes, which confuses things when you just go @80, and it starts doing some mental strobe!


But overall, the 160XT is a good and 'cheap' fixture http://www.blue-room.org.uk/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif

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