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Showmaster 48 Lighting Desk - Programming Issues!


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I am not an experienced lighting person, and I am desperately trying to work out how to programme my showmaster 48 lighting desk and actually getting it to play what I have programmed. I have basically eaten the manual but I am still struggling. I can get it to record scene's and the number goes up by one each time so I know that something is happening!! But it is going from there that is the issue. I am trying to follow what the manual says, but that is where it is going wrong. I dont know if I am missing something when I start recording, but nothing happens when I go to play the chase :( ....


Does anyone have one of these desks and could you give me any help or advice. I have a technical rehearsal tomorrow and I am panicking!





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Hi, Very difficult to know from your post whether recording has been successful but you seem quite certain it has (did all the slider lights flash simultaneously?). Assuming that recording has been succesful could you confirm that you have checked the obvious ? (no intention to be insulting...its quite easy to miss something simple):


  • Black-out is not activated (led not illuminated)
  • Master A and Master B sliders are in their Maximum ON position (one up and one down)
  • You have selected Chase mode

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