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Thomann colour mixing flood


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This looks a little unusual




stairville mixer


size looks as if this may be multiple floods in one housing, but not very clear. anyone know any more - price of just over a hundred quid seems very low. If it is 3/4 units with on board dimmer (or I guess motorised dichroics) this seems rather nice for cyc lighting.



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I found this on Google:

Stairville Professional Colour Mixer HL-40 DMX


Stairville Professional Colour Mixer HL-40 DMX

A professional colour mixer comes with red, green, blue and yellow heat-resistant dichroic mirrors. DMX 4 channels: Colour, Chase, Speed, and Dimmer. With 32 preset colours and various chase patterns. Great pre-programmed lighting shows under Master/Slave linkage triggered by music, giving the best performance.




    * Fan cooled with a floor standable bracket.

    * Power supply: AC 120V ~ 60Hz / 230V ~ 50Hz

    * Bulb : J type 300W x 4 at 120V or 500W x 4 at 230V

    * Size : 450 x 270 x 175 mm

    * Weight: 7.0 kgs

but that was about all I could find. looks like it runs on 120v tho...


still it says 4x500w lamps on 230v, which must be pretty powerful - from the pic they look like the 150w mini-floods

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From the (badly translated) DMX channels on the Thomann website, I'm guessing you don't get much choice over the colours it produces. It seems to be

1) Colour

2) Chase

3) Speed

4) Dimmer


Might be good for a band or similar, but I don't think it would cut the mustard for a theatre lighting design. Imagine mixing a Sky Blue or Sunset Pink with one channel of control - thats a maximum of 255 possible colours, probably nearer 30.


Then theres the fact that from the looks of its is a symmetrical reflector rather than assymetrical.


Mind you, for £110, it might be worth a try !

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This product has been around ages!!


Its a big hit on the club band scene, there is a more popular one out called the "Caberat Colour" made by Prolight (ACME).


Its basicaly 4 x 500w halogen lamps (the type you get in outside garden floods). If you run them from a DMX controller you can dim each lamp on its own to mix multiple colours. They are like the NJD quartet and spectre, but lesser quality, ive actully sold quite a few of these to bands, that are on a budget.


They are crap for theatre work as the fringing and fallout is horrible on them.


The best colour mixer ive seen and used is the RGB par which is a par can housing that holds three 575w HPL lamps.


This is a simlar version but using 500w lamps


RGB theatre can



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