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Should there be a 'Off Duty' page? This would have tech games and things.  

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  1. 1. Should there be a 'Off Duty' page? This would have tech games and things.

    • Yes, have a few games
    • Yes, have a gig report page
    • Yes, have an online shop
    • Yes, have all
    • No, its a rubbish idea

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Hi guys,


I have set up a reletively new lighting & sound business and we are looking at putting a website together.


I wondered what suggestions you would have for content/pages and what would make you go WOW on a lighting business's website rather than others?

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Useful tech info. Think the back pages of the White Light catalogue, crossed with the back of the Canford catalogue sort of thing. At work, we had a blue hard back note book in which we wrote down any interesting info (how to wire a phone socket to a 50 way D type) we now have a directory on the PC that we drop all this info in. I'd keep going back to a site that informed me.
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Go for genuinely useful content not easily found elsewhere. I spend alot of my time reviewing sites before inclusion in my directory, and 80% of them are very similar.

I would avoid the following;

1) Splash page (what exactly do they achieve for the user?)

2) Flash animation (this is so rarely used well), that I would avoid it. Search engines don't like it.

3) Requirement for a user to register before content is delivered

4) Pop up adverts

5) Talking up areas of the business that you don't in practice do very well.

6) Large graphic files / slow loading pages


I would look for the following;

1) Clear contact details (address, phone and email)

2) Simple, intuitive design and navigation

3) Unique content

4) Regular updates for content

5) Check the site works with Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox.


Have a look at these sites for ideas:

Stagelink - hopefully an example of very simple navigation (sorry for the plug!).

GB Audios reference section

Patrick Woodroffe - Elegant and simple


The thing you will learn is that websites are far from being dry and technical, and sometimes turn out to be very organic things. The best thing is to start, and keep your ideas really flexible. It will soon become clear if an idea doesn't work.


I've been looking at mambo as a Content Management System. A steep learning curve, but has some great in built features. License is GPL.

Mambo Server





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Guest lightnix

You can find a few good examples of what not to do {link removed}.


I've not had a chance to go over it with a fine toothcomb, but a few things leap out straight away...


Dreadful colour scheme.

Poor spelling and grammar.

Virtually no pictures / graphic content.

They seem to think that having lots of technology automatically guarantees a good show - no mention of the people.

Ludicrous prices (£80 p/w for a VL5? - c'mon now).


I don't know why, but I get an odd sense of deja vu when I look at that site ;) Is it just me ? The whole thing looks awfully amateurish.


Wonder what they pay their freelancers.



Moderation : at the request of the owner of the domain and server on which the ETS website was hosted, the link to it has been removed from this post.

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Data Projector- Big ;) ss bright one
We have the following equipment available for hire:

Bang thingies

a pyro

1 Out-Of-Date Glitter cartridge


A big red button

and my favourite....

When we provide events and solutions, we can provide the following services:

A neat and tidy job


I want one of them big red buttons....


I don't know why, but I get an odd sense of deja vu when I look at that site  Is it just me ? The whole thing looks awfully amateurish

*cough*riggit*cough... and a dead giveaway... the *photo* he has taken of hiretrack, shows... "Naughty Nigel Productions", "Neil's Warehouse", etc etc...

(sorry to drag this OT, as for the OP, I agree with what everyone else has said- informative, not a duplicate of everyone else's websites, and no flash.)




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Stuff like the big red button ets was stuff computer put on initially. We have not had time to replace the content.


Berzerk Productions use us, as well as using other epople like Stage Electrics, Riggit, White Light etc etc...........


AFAIK the screenshot of Hiretrack is a hire that went out to Berzerk and then an origional one that was there when we got hire track, this I cannot get rid of - any suggestions.


I can confirm that one of our management guys is called Neil, but has no connection with Riggit - I should think there are a lot of people in this industry called Neil.


Everyone involved with ETS has spend a lot of time in the industry, so we know what we are talking about, rather than assuming we do.


Um AFAIK everything has been spell checked and computer partially worked out the colour scheme.


Maybe we could pop down the the birthday bash and meet you, to clear things up -unless this post does?

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I can 'confirm' that the site is under review with Computer..........


One thing I was wondering is, you say about the colour schemes, do any of you have any suggestions for colour....


And also, while we are spellchecking all the pages (again), what about extra suggestions for content?

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