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Looking for storage in london.


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I'm in the process of buying some new kit and I need to look for some to store the bits I've been scattering about various places in london.


I'm realy looking at some space about the size of a single garage and would need fairly regular access.


Does anyone have any words of wisdom on where to look for anything like that or does anyone know anyone who has any space?






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I'm probably in the same situation as you - distributed storage across London!!!


I did look into self-store places a while back. Not all offer 24 hour access, and it can vary between different sites with the same company. I think Shurguard's are all 24 hour.


Cost-wise I asked for a 100 sq foot room (a fraction smaller than a single garage) and I think about £70 a month was the best deal. This was "discounted" from their regular rate so the usual technique of ringing round a number of places and letting them compete for your business is recommended.


For regular lock-up garages, try contacting estate agents, looking in Loot, local papers, or newsagents, or just keep your eyes open. I'd expect a garage to be a lot cheaper than a self-store warehouse, but obviously you might need to enhance the security somewhat.





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I'm not wanting to open up a bigdebate about Big Yellow Storage, but my experience of their Bow branch in London and the Cardiff Branch in.......

....well, I'm sure you can guess!!


I thought that the service they provided for me was great. The units are all sorts of sizes, you can arrange 24hrs access, they are clean, and you only pay for the time you use, rather than up to the end of the next month.


If the stuff you need to store is valuable, then I would recommend these Big Yellow as a good option.



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