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Behringer Eurodesk


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I'm trying to locate a good quality touring sounds desk.

The only 'must have' at the moment is that it needs to be min 8-bus - we are touring a rather hefty sound installation... (oh and budget as ever....yawn)


After a little bit of googling and many hours online browsing,

It appears that the only desks under £1k are the Behringer Euro desk range - particularly the mx3282A seems to be coming up trumps in many places. Soundcraft or A+H would obviosly be delicious... however (/dream)


Anyone have one of these or stumbled across recently?

or is this another case of you get what you pay for.. but for £400-500 for a mixing console - it's not a bad price. 24/32 input 8bus 6aux.... suspicioius or a blessing!?


thanks IA


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Used its smaller brother for a concert a few weeks ago (MX4224A).


My opinion on behringer and associated experience has been varied. Some of their equipment offers great value for money and is reasonable for use in most live circumstances. Their small desks offer good facilities for the price, as this size? I felt the desk was a big let down.


I appreciate you get what you pay for but this desk, IMHO, is awful! The faders are bad, the EQ has all the usefullness of a sledgehammer whilst trying to fix your glasses!

The desks sound was opaque and clarity lacked at all stages of the desk from pre-amps through to aux send and inserts.

The build quality, understandable for the price, was cheap and although the one I was using was only 8 months old it was already demonstrating signs of distress. <and this desk is reasonably looked after>

If you are looking for touring then I would suggest avoiding!


I appreciate the budget constraints but this desk will only come and bite you on the arse whilst on tour! In my opinion I would try to spend the money on a better desk where the EQ is useful and built to last longer than a year.


The GL3300 series offers good value for money although maybe out of your price range?? Sure you have looked into it......


If the sound installation is as hefty as you say then the money should be made available for a good quality desk as it will define the sound of the whole system.


Have you considered buying second hand? With budget restraints as you say this may be a better option then a cheapo desk with less facilities!


Although this is all purely my opinion....



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I'm also looking for a new 8 bus desk at the moment in at least a 40 ch frame size. I'm looking at:-


Allen & Heath GL3300

Crest HP8

Midas Verona

Soundcraft Spirit 8

Soundcraft GB8

Yamaha DM1000


which new are out of your budget. (and out of mine at the moment but I don't want to risk buying something that will turn out to be a liability or be inferior)


Given your requirements I would seriously consider finding some more money or looking at your requirements. £1K is more likely to find you a nicer 24ch 4 bus desk (Soundcraft Spirit LX7, Allen & Heath GL2200 or a little more Yamaha 01v96 and Midas Venice)


You imply you have a big reliance on your desk and there is a lot of risk in a desk that doesn't have a particularly good reputation.


Good Luck




PS remember you can of course hire if you can't afford this time and save your money 'til next time. Think how bad it would be if you bought the cheepest desk now and didn't like it.

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In the past couple of years Behringer quality has improved to the point where it represents very good value for money. To move up to better you'd have to get up to a Soundcraft or A&H budget.


That said, I'd be a bit nervous of hard touring with a Behringer board. At very least you need to allocate the cash for a really good road case, and you'll still need to treat it gently.


Going a slightly different direction, if it were me I think I might go for a digital board. The DDX3216 has a pretty darn good reputation now and although a bit more expensive, would also eliminate the need for a lot of outboard stuff. It's also smaller and therefore easier to case (and has a lot less surface area to flex).


Or...as has already been suggested...second hand might be another option.



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The GL3300 series offers good value for money although maybe out of your price range?? Sure you have looked into it......



You think this is some what silly (and I'm a lampie so maybe it is) but a GL3300 came up on ebay for something inside your budget. I forget what price it was exactly (but remember crying because we have one). so perhaps worth a search. Of course I am straying a little out of what I know about talking about things which make noise.

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We've had a Behringer 3282 in our church setup for well over five years now and it's great. The facilities are superb and gives us everything we need. While it may not have the best EQ in the world, the pre-amps are fine. The faders may not be super smooth 100mm jobbies, but they're completely usable.


As it's a permanent install and has sat in it's cabinet since installation, I wouldn't like to say anything about its suitability for touring - a lot would depend on how well cased/treated it'd be. But remember, for under £1k you could always but one plus a spare.

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I would suggest avoiding the Behringers and looking for something like Allen & Heath or Soundcraft second hand. Good second hand audio places to keep an eye on:-


Crystal Pro Audio

Bonza Sound Services

Concert Trade

LMC Audio

Marquee Audio



Had a quick look and nothing leaped out in your price range for the spec you want but worth keeping an eye out.


Only mixing console we have on our second hand list at the moment is a Soundcraft Series 4 but at £ 12,000 it's a bit out of your price range!

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I am of two minds on this issue, on the one hand I like the behringer gear, and it provides good solutions at times... However you can buy so much better, sometimes at not a whole lot more...


It all comes down to your level of show that you are trying to produce, you could buy a behringer graphic EQ for £100 or a BSS graphic for £900 both of which provide fairly good filtering only one of the two puts a slight hiss onto the PA, you pays your money and makes your choice...


As regarding the particulars of the behringer desk, I find the 60mm faders quite annoying, the channels are quite close together and the eq pots are quite small and sometimes a lot stiffer than they should be. I would put in a vote for Allen & Heath, even a GL2200 is far superior to the behringer, and are not that pricey brand new.

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OK Deviating OT a little but noting your comments about graphics.


Bink's Graphic EQ shootout is a fantastic read to compare the various merits of graphic equalisers.


Take a look at the following traces for a small example.







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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks to all for help and advice


Especially to Mark Payne and the guys at Sound Foundation - top blokes.


Have managed to secure a great quality Soundcraft Spirit Studio 16:8:1 (just for interest) on ebay - stroke of luck - coming in just under £400.

thanks again


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