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Blue Room "Free ads - under £500" Forum


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Blue Room "Free ads - under £500" Forum

Terms And Conditions


This section of the Blue Room forum is for members to advertise second-hand sound, lighting and staging equipment (and related items) which are for sale. It is also for members to advertise equipment that they have for hire (but see below).


Adverts may be posted here free of charge if the total value of the item(s) listed for sale, or the hire charge, in a single post does not exceed £500, or the equivalent in local currency. You can post as many adverts as you like in any 30-day period up to a total value of £500. Any further posts within 30 days must not exceed the same £500 limit (e.g. you can place one ad for up to £500 or two ads for £250 each or three ads for £100, £250 and £150 respectively etc.) To post in this forum, you must be a regular contributor, and have made at least 5 useful posts to the regular forums. The intention is to discourage people from signing up specifically to sell items. Adverts from people who sign up and make five 'empty' posts to get around this requirement will not be approved.


This forum is only for personal sales or hires of low value items. Commercial sales, and personal sales of higher value items, should be posted in the normal "For Sale" forums, for which a donation should be made to the Blue Room's operating costs. The Blue Room does not accept adverts from commercial hire companies or from people hiring equipment out on a regular basis.



In order to make this system workable, we are regrettably unable to accept adverts which simply invite offers for a piece of equipment - every item offered for sale must at least include a guide as to what kind of price the seller is hoping to fetch, or state "offers under £500".


Please conduct any business resulting from adverts posted on the forum via e-mail or personal message. Replies are disabled within the Classifieds forums. Think of this forum like a classifieds section in a local paper. Respond to the original poster for any further information.


Please note that the Blue Room has no control over the quality, safety or legality of the items advertised, or the truth or accuracy of the listings. Do not assume that the offer, sale, purchase, export or import of any item is valid and legal simply because it is listed on our website. We are not responsible for ensuring that buyers and sellers actually complete a transaction. You accept sole responsibility for the legality of your actions under laws applying to you.


How to post a For Sale advert


Please note that this forum is pre-moderated, meaning that a moderator must check over your post and payment before the post will become visible. This process normally only takes a couple of hours, but please bear with us. From time to time we may refuse a post, if we feel the advert is inappropriate or falls outside of these or any other Terms and Conditions surrounding the use of the Blue Room.


PLEASE REMEMBER: For the benefit of other members and yourself, please notify the moderation team when your items are sold, by clicking the "report this post" button. This enables us to remove items from view once they have been sold.



[uPDATE 23-07-13]

To avoid this section becoming cluttered with old ads for stuff that has long since sold the following change will be implemented from today's date...


All ads, older than 90 days, will be deleted on a regular basis. If your item is still unsold at this time you are welcome to post a new free ad provided it still meets the above conditions.

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