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Rcf dx4008


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Hi guys,


We've just got a rcf dx4008

Went to set it up via pc link, however the manual states you turn on pc link, however no such option appears on the unit, have emailed rcf But not sure what there support is like as never dealt with them, anyone used this unit/encountered this?



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I dont know who you need to talk to now, they used to have a tech guy in the UK called Greg, he was on here as well and he was really helpful and knew his stuff, you could try searching for him. I see him at BPM and he was doing the sound police for the event and he is freelance know.


The old boy Phil at rcf might be able to help, but to be honest they lost Mick who was great and now they have lost Greg who was great I dont know who to contact there myself as if you try and speak to them I always get a voice mail, and at BPM they didn't even look interested to talk to anybody just chatting amongst themselves.


If you get any help let me know who the new tech guy there is.




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