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High End Studio Colour 575 - Tilt Fault


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Morning All,

Wonder if anyone can offer some assistance before I have to dig out the destructions?


Just been PAT testing my High End Studio Colour 575's and have a mechanical fault with two of them. Although at times they run fine, when running the test sequence on pan, on the sequence Tilt 1 - they have a fault that I'm not sure how to fix!


The rest of the sequence runs fine, but on the first tilt the head of the unit tries to tilt too far, which then makes it jerk, click and rock at full tilt until the sequence goes on to tilt 2. This is something I haven't come across before with these units - which is why I need some assistance!


In the "Play" menu, I have tried reducing the "amount" of tilt, but this does not seem to have rectified the problem.


Any help, suggestions or solutions would be amazingly helpful as I can't use the units until they're sorted as they click and rock loudly!!


Many thanks in advance,


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sounds like you have a worn tilt stepper motor. how old is the fixture and what is the service history?, after calibration and initialisation does the head point directly down or slightly tilted?, what is the tension like on the belt. if it is what it sounds like to me a new motor is around £60, just mark up the position on the tensioning bolt before removal. you will need to put the new motor into the vice to pot the mounting plate on as the screw holes are not tapped.
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It's a while since I have had one of these to fix but don't they have the same toothed wheel encoder as a MAC? If so it sounds more like missing pulses from the encoder - dirty or faulty optical sensor would be a possible cause. Or, of course, partly broken or chafing wires from the sensor down to the controller.


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