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Shure 1/2 Wave Antenna Colour Code


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Does anyone know of a chart detailing the colour codes of the Shure 1/2 Wave Antennas? Within the state I now have access to 1 band of ULX, 2 different bands of MA, 2 different bands of UHF-R. It was okay before the second band of UHF-R came in, because ULX's were generally not used together with UR's or MA's, and the two bands of MA's were in different venues. Now the 2 bands of UHF-R's are in the same venue along side the ULX's.


I would really like a chart that details the frequency range for the different codes on the antennas that I can laminate and put in each kit. That way, when the antennas get mixed up (Which they will) the techs have at least a shot of choosing a frequency within the optimum range. Some lovely person decided that the bit where the frequency is written was a great place to engrave the company name, making deciphering very difficult.

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