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Renkus Heinz CE153/12 (K)


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Hi everyone!


Question: Anyone out there happen to know what EQ curve and crossover points a Renkus-Heinz X-series controller would want to apply, for their CE153/12W (c. 2000) or CE153/12 (c. 1996)?


I'm trying to fix up a two-way system that's been provided to a church without the manufacturer's controller. The speakers apparently run with separate amplifier channels for low (sounds like 40-250Hz) and mid/high (sounds like 250Hz and above). With all EQ flat, and crossover gains set to unity, I'm finding the boxes sound inefficient in bass/treble ranges, but tend towards over-efficiency in 2-5KHz range.


I've managed to tame the worst of the response peaks by ear with a graphic EQ, but wouldn't mind knowing what the manufacturer's boxes would do to the signal. I realise that I'll be continuing without amplifier sensing, hence continuing without protection against over-excursion, overheating and the like. At this stage I just want the system to sound nicer than it does...





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hope this helps




I have an installation in SE london that has RH in it, and I find that to be ripping your face off at 3-5K - think its inherrant in the RH range (same thing in the Qube (RH + FBT)


The boxes you have are not massively powerful, but you should be able to get a good sound from them (im guessing your running them Bi amp as apposed to tri amp?


Just make sure the drivers are not pushed beyond there limits in both power and frequency handling and im sure theyll sound fine.

What controller are you using? Maybe some dynamic EQ might help?



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Renkus X series controllers monitor the amplifiers and do a lot of frequency concious limiting. this alows them to set the crossover points for each band much lower than you usually would for each band and get a lot of sound out of the 6.5" drivers.


they also have a lot of EQ in the procesors. when we bought our renkus CE3TA we got them to load an omnidrive with the EQ from a processor. The omnidrive didnt have enough EQ capabilaty.


the outcome of this was it wasnt as loud and didnt sound as good and we blew up a lot of drivers till we got it sorted

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