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Major Equipment Co Ltd. London. Anyone with Knowledge?


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At my place of work, I have found two dimmers (I believe resistive dimmers?) made by Major. They must be from the 50's or 60's I guess, of course not in use any longer, but sitting around covered in dust anyway. If anyone knows anything about them, I would love some info on them, and weather or not they would be of interest to collectors.


One of the units is a large piece on wheels. 10 15A sockets, with 10 levers on the top which move backwards and forwards (bright to dim I presume)


Second is a smaller unit, with sliders which move up and down to control the lights.


I have pictures of them if you send me your email address. For anyone interested in vintage lighting equipment I think they are something really quite rare, haven't found anyone who knows anything yet!




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There is some info on this thread to which I can only add that to the best of my recollection the UK interests of Major were purchased by a firm called Thespak, then based in Stroud Glos, in I think 1973 to form Thespak Major a company which has since been dissolved. (I suspect this goodwill such as it was was later absorbed by someone else.) By that time Major were pretty well entirely selling into the local authority markets and whichever counties Furse didn't get they did!
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